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New casting stamping press fasteners casting fasteners and fasteners what are the advantages?


Traditional cross fasteners technology is the use of cast iron, or use the stamping process, but these two kinds of process to produce fastener products. Has certain limitations, on product durability than a new casting press fasteners.

Cross fasteners, forging heating equipment, the equipment is widely used in gear, shaft, crankshaft, CAM, roll, such as the surface of the workpiece quenching.

The purpose is to improve the wear resistance of these artifacts and ability to resist fatigue fracture. Induction heating surface quenching workpiece materials for carbon in commonly

Steel. In addition, it also requires less parts, fasteners system installation is simple, easy to remove.

Cross fasteners anti-sliding performance is strong, strong corrosion resistance, resistance capability is strong, not easy to rust, not easy to damage, maintenance is convenient.

First, cross fasteners to ensure the steel pipe with fastener joint of a state, the joint area is large, overcome the cast iron fasteners and point or to the steel pipe

Line defect of joint, eliminates the hidden danger of steel pipe slip deformation in the process of use, thus ensuring the construction fastener, second, cross fasteners whole after passivation and galvanized dual anticorrosion treatment, long service life, far more than the service life of the cast iron buckle;

Second, construction fasteners with new connections, new nut ensures that under the condition of the steel pipe has a deformation, vertical solid fasteners have always been able to

Fixed, eliminating the possibility of steel pipe slip.

Third, construction fasteners convenient maintenance, not easy to rust, not easy damaged, reduced maintenance difficulty also save on maintenance costs.

Fourth, cross fasteners substantive characteristics and remarkable progress, reduce fastener parts, reduce costs, and because of its material

Flange thickness is greater than the thickness of the hollow rivets, therefore increased the tensile strength, resistance torque rigidity is greatly increased.